iPhone 5

All this excitement over the iPhone 5 that some lucky guys and gals received yesterday has got us to thinking….How important is it to our customers to have a Photo Booth at their event that stays updated with new technology as it comes out and is updated? At Excellence Photo Booths we understand that technology can change so fast these days and we stay current on all the new offerings all the while with the mindset of offering the best Photo Booth possible to our customers. At some point though I feel that at the core of our business is to simply take really good pictures that are quality images and to serve our customers with great customer service. Although we can have the Photo Booth do some fancy things with graphics and slideshows and what not, we will never lose sight of delivering a solid core product of great looking and fast printing pictures. An eye on the future with a stronghold on today basically sums this up

How important is technology in a Photo Booth?

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