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  • $1199
  • Up to three hours rental time
  • Unlimited sessions during rental time, one print per session. Ask us how to add unlimited prints!
  • Custom template design
  • Text and Email delivery included (Can choose one or both)
  • Professional and knowledgeable attendant
  • Webhosting and download link post-event of all images

This photo booth is sleek, beautiful, and WOWS guests each and every event. It is the ONLY one of its kind in Oklahoma and it is that exclusivity you are receiving when you secure a reservation with us. This is the same booth that is used at red carpet events and premieres in LA, NYC, and Miami and we brought it to the MidWest. A DSLR camera, double flashes (Most booths have none, some have one, this is the only one that has two), and an integrated diffuser that softens the light. This is no ipad in a shell without a flash, although you will notice that we have both a touch screen monitor in the front of the booth and a 12.9 inch ipad on the back. The ipad provides a slideshow of images and also a secondary share screen for guests to return to text their photos should they forget during the main session. Color leds frame the lamborghini door main shell and we color coordinate to match your event colors. A small and sexy white ring light frames the camera on the front so guests know where to look instead of staring at the gorgeous live view of themselves on the main screen 🙂

We pair this booth with of course, the best printer on the market. Prints in less than 7 seconds that are dry to the touch and WATERPROOF! Just in case a drink were to spill. This printer also has the ability to upgrade to a mettalic print which (insert same story here) we are the only company in Oklahoma to offer 🙂 We include additional off camera lighting with each rental, not because we need it for the final output, but because it looks beautiful and ensures the live view offered on the main screen matches the final output of the print.

For the skeptics out there, we know what you are thinking. “Ok so you bought all the best fancy equipment but do you even know how to use it?” Thank you for asking lol! We were honored at a ceremony in Las Vegas in the Spring of 2023 with an award for “Best Wedding Photo Booth Output” in an independently judged worldwide competition amongst hundreds of entries.