Dresser Mansion

I am going to try to start blogging more on the site and to say a little something about each Venue that we do an event at to give potential future customers an insight into how their event may work at each Venue as well! This past weekend we went out to the Dresser Mansion in Tulsa to celebrate Brook and Chris’ wedding. Dresser Mansion is a gorgeous venue and most of the ceremonies take place outside in the back of the Mansion. We set up the Photo Booth downstairs in the library portion of the basement. It is a neat little room with wood ceilings that are vaulted but still pretty short compared to current architecture. You really realize how short people used to be 100 years ago! LOL We were the only Vendor downstairs so we pretty much took over the room with the Photo booth on one wall and our Memory book station set up in front of the fireplace on the other wall. Brooke had purchased our slideshow option and we had about 30 of her engagement photos playing on our monitor on the outside of the booth. All of the guests that saw it were really impressed and thought it was really neat! Because of all the stairs and tight bends and halls at the Dresser, the basement is really the best and only place to place a Photo Booth. It is a great room to have it in!
Here is a sample pic from the night…

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