Groupon strikes again!

You all know the saying that “You get what you pay for!” Well, we continue to have to fight against the poor product offerings, customer service, and even operability of companies new to the industry who are offering Groupon Photo Booth deals for half price. On the face of it, yes it is a Very affordable option for having a “Photo booth” at your event or wedding. But in the end these companies have no experience, no customer service, no creativity, no knowledge of your venue and the unique requirements it may have, no testimonials, no back up equipment, and on and on and on…! We can’t stress enough to check out a companies website prior to solely making a decision just based on price. Please look at their prior events page and make sure they have more than a handful of events listed. Please make sure they have a photo of their Photo booth on their website, if they don’t there is a reason for that and you don’t want to find out that reason on the day of your event! Please look for more than one testimonial or a testimonial from over a few months prior to your event. Ask questions to the person you speak to on the phone. Ask them if they have worked at your Venue or with your planner. Ask them if they offer multiple Photo Booths or only offer one booth. If you follow these guidelines you will be able to make an informed, educated decision on the company you are counting on to perform at your once in a lifetime event. Sadly, we hear all to often from unhappy customers who have had their event cancelled two days prior or have hired a Photo booth that doesn’t work or may work but is embarrassingly unsightful for the event being held. We are not the cheapest option in town, but we are affordable and certainly not the most expensive (although we could be based on our services!) We have been in the business for three years which is actually a long time for a Photo Booth business industry that has only been around for about that long! We have been to almost every Venue in town and worked with most other vendors around as well. If this matters to you and you want a dependable, respectful company that will guarantee performance and who has 100% customer satisfaction event after over 100 events then you have found the right place! Excellence Photo Booths 🙂

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