Excellence Photo Booths received national recognition recently at an awards ceremony held in Las Vegas. Open to entries worldwide and judged by independent judges, Excellence Photo Booths was presented with “Best Photo Booth Output” for 2023! Owner, Jake Westerfield, who began the business in 2009 started out constructing his own booths because photo booth manufacturers didn’t exist at the time. After receiving several requests from other corporates and individuals to purchase his product he sold many units, and to some very noteworthy clients. However the creativity of an event, not the mass production of equipment was what enthralled Westerfield so he discontinued the mass production of photo booths for the personal touch and creativity that a well executed event demands. 14 years and more than 1500 events later, he hasn’t lost a step and is at the peak of success with the recent recognition. There is a certain buzz and excitement that comes along with a live event, says Westerfield. A lot of preparation, planning, skills, and execution from multiple event types all come into play to complete an event. One aspect that differentiates us from most other vendors is that our photo and video output is forever. 10 years from now our clients can look back at what we created and re-live that experience. They won’t remember what the food tasted like or how the band/DJ sounded but they will remember what we have captured…and we only get one chance to get it right. That’s why our clients hire us, and that is why we continue to strive to be the best that we can.