Lions Road DJ’s-Vendor Spotlight

We recently sat down with the owner of Lions Road DJ, Hugo Gutierrez and learned a little more about his company. Lions Road Dj is a company we have worked together with many times over the past 8 years of events. Not only do they do a great job at DJ’ing your event, they also offer lighting and many other services. One of the neatest things we have seen is their custom lighted 5 foot tall letters that Hugo makes by hand! It can take as much as 20 hours for just one letter! Lions Road will customize letters for your event and as you can see from the photo above they are gorgeous! We also like that their pricing is straightforward and listed on the website which eliminates any of the guesswork. Hugo said they do more than 200+ events each year and can cover from 5-7 events per day. Call Lions Road DJ’s at 918-955-3491 or visit them online

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